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What’s going on with Line 5? Lay of the land and taking action

Spring 2022
The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources asked for comments on the Environmental Impact Statement they drafted as part of their consideration of Enbridge’s proposal to expand Line 5 around the Bad River Reservation, and we delivered. Over 30,000 comments sent to the DNR opposed Line 5, and we also engaged in an Army Corps of Engineers comment period related to their own permitting process.

Summer 2022
A series of community events brought people together to build relationships and connect over dedication to protecting water, land, wildlife and communities

Fall 2022
Judge William Conley, of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin, ruled that Enbridge Energy and its Line 5 pipeline had trespassed on Bad River Reservation lands and unjustly enriched itself. He also ordered the Bad River Tribe and Enbridge Inc. to come up with a joint proposal to shut down and purge an oil and gas pipeline should erosion worsen at the Bad River and threaten a “catastrophic” rupture.

Winter 2022
The United Nations COP15 conference on Biodiversity featured a panel that highlighted the danger posed to the Great Lakes by Line 5 and centered the voices of Tribal Nations. The same weekend, thousands participated in the March for Biodiversity and Human rights. In addition, a teach in and media events build relationships across the region and uplifted the major concerns that surround Line 5.

Spring 2023
Warmer weather is inviting in new community events and opportunities to organize across the region in opposition to Line 5.

There are plenty of opportunities to help make a difference and stop the Line 5 pipeline. Here are a few options:

  1. Sign the petition- write to the Evers Administration and tell them not to allow Enbridge to move forward.  Sign the petition here
  2. Help spread the word!- the groups are coming together to create materials to help spread the word about Line 5.  There will be bumper stickers, yard signs, informational cards, and more!  You can sign up to be alerted when the materials are ready here.
  3. Volunteer!  There are plenty of volunteer needs to help spread awareness about the concerns of the pipeline, contact decision-makers, and attend events.  Sign up to volunteer here.
  4. Attend an event! The Bad River/Chequamagon Bay Watershed Line 5 Water Protectors are hosting a series of events! Continue to check back in for more opportunities.
  5. Tell us why you care about the area through Superior Waters Story Corps: Send in your personal stories from Chequamegon Bay and the Bad River Watershed region to uplift the beauty and value of the area

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