A number of organizations and Tribal Nations have expressed concerns over Enbridge’s plans.  Organizations have informally come together to support each other’s efforts and collaborated on a number of ways to stop their plans.  This website serves to demonstrate the concerns of the local community and share information from the various organizations working to stop the pipeline.

This is a note from the website founder, Abi Fergus, pictured below.  

Chi-Miigwech to my friend Joe Bates who helped me stop doubting in order to tell this story today. If we share our stories we can build communities that care for Nibi (Water). I will do my best to write the truth in a good way, and I will learn from any mistakes that I make along the way. 

Boozhoo, Nindenewemeganag. Ind-onjiba besho Ininwewi-gichigami. In-daa besho Anishinaabe-Gichigami. Abi Fergus ind-izhinikaaz.

Hello friends. I come from Lake Michigan. I now live on Lake Superior. My name is Abi Fergus. 

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